Anatole Releases New Album ‘Emulsion’

March 15, 2019

We’re absolutely delighted that ‘Emulsion’, the debut album by 26-year-old Jonathan Baker, aka Anatole, is out now. Drawing inspiration from his jazz and classical background, combined with electronic soul and dynamic beat-driven production, the album is a beautiful and expansive listening experience.

The tracks on ‘Emulsion’ grew naturally through opportunist moments, inspirational collaborations and impromptu recordings in friends houses alongside revisiting and renovating older pieces into something new. The 14 track album features guest appearances from label mate Ólafur Arnalds and fellow Australians Tom Iansek of Big Scary, IDA, Tracy Chen and Braille Face.

The title ‘Emulsion’ suggests successfully combining things that normally wouldn’t work. An experiment in tone, colour and style; it brings textures of strings and piano into the realm of electronic music, coming from a place where these sound worlds coexist.

I want this record to be something that reveals new things in every listen and requires attention in listening to reveal those details. There is something about hyper-casual listening that terrifies me as a musician, especially in this new age we are in where music is drifting towards an algorithmic emotional wallpaper.



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