Erland Cooper on BBC Radio 3

October 11, 2021

“Orcadian composer Erland Cooper grew up on the same street, just a few doors down, until the poet’s death in 1996. To mark Mackay Brown’s centenary, Erland returns to Stromness with acclaimed violinist Daniel Pioro. They journey over hilly moorland on the island of Hoy and to Rousay, an island known as the Egypt of the North. With Mackay Brown’s book An Orkney Tapestry as their guide, they perform in a megalithic rock-cut tomb, shelter from gale-force storms against bothy walls with sheep, hike to an iron age broch, and discover an audience of fiddle-loving seals, culminating in a secret tape-planting ceremony”

Listen to the show on BBC Radio 3 here

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