March 15, 2023

We’re so proud to welcome electronic producer and DJ ANNA to the label, and to announce her debut ambient electronic album, Intentions, inviting the listener on a journey of spiritual transformation through sound.

Out 19th May, the album is a unique encounter where ANNA’s spiritual side and electronic music side become one. Our Label and A&R Manager Cerys Weetch comments “ANNA’s powerful story stopped us in our tracks. Another pandemic zoom, turned into a transformational experience and we had to work with her. She truly is a world-class composer, producer and musician and we’ve only scratched the surface of what artistry is yet to come”.

Alongside the announcements, the Brazilian-born, Lisbon-based DJ and producer shares the record’s first single, Receiving; a lulling and featherlight offering designed for surrendering to what is and welcoming what appears, featuring legendary ambient pioneer Laraaji.

Intentions is the result of ANNA’s self-realisation journey – opening her mind and forever altering her creative process and worldly outlook in the process, which sees her trading in her tougher, club-driven production for sound healing and ambient sensibilities. An immersive meditation experience, the album comes with a special listening guide written by ANNA, inviting the audience to set an intention for each track, which has been ordered and equipped with its own specific purpose on the album.

Speaking about the album, ANNA says “Intentions captures the purest longing for the universal power of love. It’s borne out of a deep well of love that exists inside of me, and an enduring appreciation for all that we call ‘life’”.

Intentions is to be experienced as a journey for healing and growth. Recorded at ANNA’s own Anaweh Studio, the album is a melodic and expansive soundscape merging with sound healing techniques, dance-leaning beats, binaural beats and ANNA on flute & synth, channelling her emotions. It also includes collaborations with legendary ambient pioneer Laraaji, spiritual practitioner-musician and contemporary classical giant East Forest, but also remixes by London-based electronica and techno producer Max Cooper and Ivor Novello Award nominee and Grammy Award winner Jon Hopkins.

ANNA had long been interested in spirituality and utilised meditation as a tool for recentring for some time, however it had never been her main focus. These days, following the course as well as other forms of spiritual and meditative practice – including transcendental meditation, Vipassana training and shamanic energy healing training – she feels more free to create and to express real creativity, starting to experience things and music a little differently. ANNA discovered a passion for classical music and ambient after opening herself up to a more contemplative and love-filled way of life. In fact, her Intentions journey started with ANNA experimenting with sounds and frequencies to use as a tool in her meditations and contemplative moments. Using pianos and flutes; and sound healing techniques, she’d listen to these works – these soundscapes for self-realisation – while exploring the world. The outside world, of course (both touring and nature itself remain fruitful sources of inspiration) but also the inner. On World Sleep Day in 2022, ANNA joined Endel to create an AI-powered soundscape to help you calmly transition into deep sleep and also to help with anxiety. Titled The Spring of Dreams. It was an early indication of what was to come with Intentions.

With a deep love for music from an early age, starting DJing at the age of fourteen while stretching back to the nightclub her father owned in the countryside outside São Paulo, today’s success has been two decades in the making. ANNA was – and remains – every bit the sought-after techno superstar. Acclaimed by leading dance music publications including DJ Mag, Beatportal and Mixmag, it’s no wonder that she has traversed her way into some of the world’s most esteemed clubs and festivals and the hearts of fans across the world. Also loved by her peers, she notably received an invitation to remix Martin Gore’s Howler and collaborated with East Forest. 

ANNA counts more than 48 million streams across all her catalogue on Spotify only. She has previously performed at Movement Detroit, Tomorrowland, DC10 and Coachella, but also stepped up for BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and played a live-streamed set for Cercle viewed more than 3.6 million times. With her first ambient electronic album, ANNA is proving again that her music creativity has no limits.


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