Journey Through Memories

March 31, 2023

We’re delighted to announce Tokyo based post classical artist Daigo Hanada today joins the MKX label, and his major debut album Journey Through Memories will be released on 26th May. The first single, Iris, is available to stream now.

The new album, Journey Through Memories is a recollection of Daigo Hanada’s life, including memories of when he first touched the piano as a child, memories of his late grandmother, and his childhood years of always seeking silence in the city. When he first touched the piano as a child, he was stunned by its loud volume, causing him to find the muffler felt attached to the piano. He quickly in love with the warm sound that enveloped his anxious and frightened heart, which in turn, established his current musical style. The album also features artists that are dear and close to Hanada, such as pianist Yoko Komatsu who he has collaborated with on numerous occasions. Another notable feature is folksinger, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Priscilla Ahn.

Born and raised right next to Shibuya, Tokyo, one of the most chaotic cities in the world, it was natural for me to cover my ears amid the crowds to escape the constant noise of the city. However, what I heard every time I covered my ears was not silence, but rather the songs that were still unformed at the time, which were constantly being born in my head. Only recently have I come to understand that these unformed songs were fragments of memories and emotions for me.

I would be happy if this album will help people who listen to it to recall memories that have been buried for many years. I am also very happy and honored to be releasing this album on Mercury KX, a label that has long been a dream of mine.” – Daigo Hanada

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