Lambert Releases New EP And Video

May 10, 2019

It has been too long, but the waiting is over! Enigmatic Berlin-based composer and pianist Lambert, known for only appearing in public wearing a Sardinian bull mask, today releases his new EP Alone.

The EP, comprised of exquisite solo piano pieces is inspired by four moments of solitude and loneliness that Lambert personally associates with playing the piano.

Skye is dedicated to the Isle Of Skye. I shot a music video there about two years ago. I was supposed to walk through the Scottish Highlands on my own for ages until a drone would suddenly appear, which I then wasn’t supposed to make direct eye contact with. As this wasn’t your average day at work for a pianist I decided to fully commit to the peculiar circumstances.

Mandal is a small place in Norway, where I once sailed to, together with my grandparents. The boat was quite narrow, so as soon as we reached a harbour, I rushed to disembark as quickly as possible, to finally be alone again. I had a harmonica with me on that trip and played a few Blues-Licks at a deserted fjord. I got bored quite quickly and wished I had a piano with me. That specific moment would have been perfect, if only I could have had a piano with me

Ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with space travel. Should I ever travel to Mars one day, I’d like to be alone on that journey. Just imagine you’re about to land on Mars and right in that moment you realise for example that your companion’s socks are quite smelly. Moments like that shouldn’t be ruined by having to waste a thought about someone else’s smelly socks. I wouldn’t want any music playing then either. Hans Zimmer has already caused enough musical trouble in space

A few years ago, I solo travelled to Niort, which is not far from the French west coast, to play a concert. As my French is rather rusty and any other foreign languages are no help in France either, I chose the language of the heart which led me to believe that the nicest people on earth live in Niort. Obviously, I can’t be one hundred percent sure but even if I wasn’t everybody’s darling, the people of Niort still managed to convey their dislike with a smile on their face.



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