I See Miracles Everywhere
  1. I See Miracles Everywhere

I See Miracles Everywhere


14 Apr 2023

"By channelling these sound frequencies, my intention is to translate felt states of elevated
emotion, of gratitude, joy and a connection to the divine, and expand that same frequency
inside of you. Miracles are all around us; in the giant golden ball that floats in the sky, in the
wind that blows across the desert; in a woman’s body carrying new life. I hope this music
finds equal resonance inside you, and connects you to the deepest knowing: I see miracles
everywhere. Open your heart to what already exists. Let the alchemy of this sound help you
see, feel and bear witness.

Set an intention to...open your eyes and heart to the miracles that exist within and beyond
you." - ANNA

  1. I See Miracles Everywhere
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