April 19, 2022

Superbloom: Music For Growing Flowers

Erland Cooper, the contemporary composer, who frequently collaborates with natural elements, has been commissioned to create an original piece of music to soundtrack the floral transformation of The Tower of London. Entitled Superbloom the forthcoming installation celebrates the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen.

The project, marking Her Majesty the Queen’s 70 years on the throne, is named after a rare and incredible natural phenomenon, where whole landscapes are miraculously transformed into sheets of vibrant flowers. A “superbloom” occurs only once every few decades, when favourable weather patterns coincide and activate dormant seeds. The forthcoming ‘designed’ Superbloom event will celebrate nature by turning one of London’s most built-up areas into a blossoming, living flower field.

Find more information about the Tower Superbloom event, here

Erland has been chosen to produce a gentle accompanying ambient soundscape for this urban garden, which will be played continuously through multiple speakers, softening the noise of the city. Named Music For Growing Flowers Erland’s original score provides the perfect backdrop to the 20 million newly-sown flower seeds which, planted in spring, will continuously evolve from June to September, changing colours and patterns throughout the summer. For the first time, a space dug and filled with water in the 13th century to keep people out of the Tower will, from June 2022, welcome visitors in, with Erland’s music completing the immersive experience.

“Music For Growing Flowers’ aims to enhance the Superbloom’s emotional impact by rebalancing the dominant city noises and intertwining specific audio frequencies to uncover harmony in the most bustling environments. Since music itself is nothing more than vibrations, perhaps it will help us enter more deeply into this subtle appreciation of place, curiosity and calm”  Erland

Music For Growing Flowers will be released digitally and physically:

Side A – 1st June 2022, Side B – 19th August 2022 – pre-order here

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