Alone II

Alone II


03 Jul 2020

Berlin-based composer and pianist Lambert today releases the follow up to his stunning ‘True’ album of last year, in the form of an exquisite new EP ‘Alone II’ on Mercury KX. A mesmerising animated video for ‘Out Out’, the closing track on the EP, has been created by renowned US experimental animator and artist Amanda Bonaiuto – watch the video here.

‘Out Out’ was inspired by thinking about the moments after you finish something… as Lambert explains: “When I like something, some piece of music, a movie or a book, that eventually ends, I really enjoy the moment after the ending.
And when something ends that you didn’t enjoy while it was happening, an ending is the best thing that can happen in that moment. So with endings you kind of have a win-win situation.”

Lambert recently worked with up and coming film director Tom Oxenham to create “Becoming Lambert’, a mockumentary short film, incorporating music from his stunning recent album True (out now on Mercury KX).  Watch the Mockumentary here
Lambert is a singular talent whose bold vision and compositional flair is informed as much by pop music and wider culture as it is by any classical repertoire. From 2017’s stunning ‘Sweet Apocalypse’, a masterful collection of orchestral works concerned with locating moments of beauty amid the dystopian future humanity is fast racing towards, to last year’s ‘True’ album and the haunting, delicate ‘Alone’ EP, Lambert has created his own, spellbinding sonic language that stirs the soul and inspires the mind. By turns hypnotic, sombre, and enchanting, he excels at creating moods and mesmerising the listener; a deep sense of drama often gives way to an enigmatic playfulness, colourful melodies skipping lightly through his songs.

1. In In
2. Balcony Hotel - From "Miss"
3. Gdansk
4. Leicester
5. Tegel
6. Out Out

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