Echoes In The Valley

Echoes In The Valley

Sophie Hutchings

29 Oct 2021

"So happy to share my new Solo Piano alum Echoes In the Valley with you today! With the complicated tumultuous year the entire globe has undergone, my aim with Echoes In the Valley was to simplify and to do something as organic as possible in approach, less is more type thing. Voluntary solitude, a simple hut and a piano set in this amazing valley and to collaborate with the natural surroundings... I hope the music will transport you to where it came from and allow you to daydream for a little while… Love Sophie x"

1. Along The Boundary
2. Billow Gently
3. The Lighthouse
4. Changing Tides
5. Promise Of Sun
6. Empty City
7. I Used To Live Here
8. Written In The Sand
9. Through The Dim Veil Of Sleep
10. Paper Limbs
11. Hold My Hand

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