Pure Imagination

Pure Imagination

Sophie Hutchings

18 Mar 2022

I have a new EP out today as part of World Sleep Day..... As the subject is in view of supporting sleep, for something a little different I felt it might be nice to cover a few of my favourite disney songs!
Disney really does have a kind of magic that creates an escapism yet generates a warm familiar place that I think we all relate to. Moments of connection and kinship to our formative years. I hope it can take you away for a little moment in time … Sophie x

Special Thanks: The EP features my beautiful usual suspects on Violin - Jay Kong, Cello - Peter Hollo. Special guest appearance by the gorgeous Lara Somogyi on Harp and the angelic voices of Josephine Stark and Sandra Liu 💜

Out now through @mercurykx KX @deccarecordsus along with a range of other artist EP roll outs especially for World Sleep Day. Listen on your preferred platform.🎶

Piano recorded at @trackdownstudios by Craig Beckett
Harp recorded by @laraharp Lara in her home studio
Vocals, Strings recorded & mixed at @electric_avenue_studios by Philip Punch
Mastered by @barryalchemymastering

Rainbow Connection (arr. piano)
Alice In Wonderland (arr. piano)
Pure Imagination (arr. piano)
One Song (arr. piano)

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