The Reason I Jump

The Reason I Jump

Nainita Desai

18 Jun 2021

"This piece is my most personal musical reflection from the film and interpretation of the characters’ experience of neurodiversity. The lyrics are inspired by text from the original book where I wanted to give a voice to the non-verbal characters, breaking their ‘silence’. I wanted the lyricism of the strings, the delicate piano and voices to shed a gentle light on all the facets of autism explored in the film tying Naoki’s final words together with understanding and empathy." - Nainita Desai

1 Time Has No Boundaries
2 Beauty Is In The Detail
3 I, Too, Exist
4 Floating Into Focus
5 Shaking The Ropes Loose
6 Memories And Images
7 Outside The Flow Of Time
8 Drowning In A Sea Of Words
9 The Reason I Jump
10 Green Boxes
11 The Prettiness Of A Dandelion
12 Imaginings
13 Forever Swaying
14 Permission To Be Alive
15 Faulty Robot
16 The Sensory World


Drowing In A Sea Of Words

Beauty Is In The Detail

Floating Into Focus

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