Ólafur Arnalds

10 Sep 2021

TREE — an Ólafur Arnalds deep cut and a long time fan favourite — will now get its first official release in loving memory of Joachim Sauter, co-founder of innovative design studio ART+COM, creative partner and friend of Ólafur’s.

TREE was composed for 'Symphonie Cinétique — The Poetry of Motion', a kinetic installation that was Ólafur and Joachim’s first collaboration in 2013 and features Nils Frahm on celeste and Viktor Orri Árnason on violin and viola. Ólafur and Joachim would continue their work together with ART+COM including Petalclouds, a permanent installation for Changi airport in Singapore.

In their collaborations, Joachim and Ólafur found a creative kinship and a mutual admiration for each other's work. Fuelled by their love of melding art and technology, they pushed each other to produce some of their best work.

TREE is dedicated to Joachim Sauter.

  1. Tree
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